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Bali is open minded forward sex activities with hundreds of “undercover” karaoke and massage parlors.Jakarta – is the capital and largest city of Indonesia, located on the northwest of the island of Java.Prostitution in Indonesia is legally considered an “offense against decency/morality”, although it is widely practiced, tolerated and regulated.

We have white skin, are tall and look handsome to their eyes (much better than the typical Indonesian man that has dark skin and short body).Rain tends to come in sudden tropical downpours, but it can also rain nonstop for days.Though travel in the wet season is not usually a major problem in most parts of Indonesia, mud-clogged back roads can be a deterrent.Sex Safety – In my experience, Indonesian’s girls are generally easy going and don’t ask to use condoms.The reason is that Indonesia hasn’t run anti HIV campaign for years or took proactive action in educating the population about sex risks.Famed “Island of the Gods”, stakes a serious claim to be paradise on earth in Indonesia.Bali is probably the most famous of Indonesia’s islands and for good reason.The best time of year to visit most of Indonesia is April to October when the climate is relatively cool and dry.A tragic drop in tourist hordes means that Indonesia’s “tourist high season” no longer presents the same kind of activity and inconvenience it once did.Beaches are popular among surfers, good restaurants, beautiful hotels and an amazing nightlife.Although often crowded with travelers, there is no escaping the fact that this place is beautiful.


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