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Akatsuki dating game quizilla

" he asked "well the throuth is...i'm not depressed why do i look it? You Get Neiji He Got up and walked over to you put his arms around your waist and kissed you passionalty and his toung looked for it way inside your mouth (owwwww FRENCHIN) after that, the night came and you were sitting on the porch neji came out and sat beside you "whats wrong? Temari: she's strong, I fought her once...& found myself on the ground Kankuru:... Neji: Destiny says she will live a dark life Ten Ten: Powerful! Kakashi: She's A Strong Shouibi, If only she was good... *runs away*Choji:*munch* Scary *munch*Shikamaru: She's scary & way too Active... bestfriend: Choji & Ino Naruto: She's fun, but ultra lazy...

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Hinata:s-s-she likes Na-Naruto...*sigh*Kiba: She's really pretty!

" asked neji "ok" you said turning a millon shades of red.

" you said looking up at neji "You now you look cute confused." you blushed at this "will you go out with me?

Ya she's pretty, she'll become a really woman soon & (Me: ENOUGH)Tsunade: She's just as annoying as Naruto...

^^you spoun the bottol it slowed and landed on Naruto he blushed a little when it landed on him he walked over kneeled down and kissed you lightly on the lips it was simpal but nice. ^-^ You Are a nice girl at heart, always pulling pranks.


  1. Funny akatsuki was the runner-up on quizilla from my book akatsuki. date a h-game by date. Quema grasa akatsuki mission. akatsuki dating show quiz the.

  2. Akatsuki dating game quotev divorce dating sites Any of 4400 the once upon a mary-sue. Long results quizilla games so fun.okay d wattpad walk fitness by theevka.

  3. What naruto character would you date girls only quiz. find out which naruto character you would date

  4. Akatsuki love game - this for my friend liz well here you go i don't own these pics just watch comment if you want music love game by lady gaga

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