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Due to temperature as the main driver for physiological processes [1], the harvest date of winter wheat is essentially determined by cumulated temperature (heat sum), expressed in degree days (DD) [8].

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Main field crops in terms of acreage in the NGP are winter wheat, winter rape, silage maize and winter rye.Even if the amount of total precipitation does not change there appears to be a shift towards increased winter precipitation and thus noticeable reduced summer precipitation.Through the example of winter wheat we show a future limitation of water availability if yields are to be maintained or even increase.Time period analysed within this study is from 1981 until 2070.Within this period we selected two representative time slots of 30 years each.Winter rainfall in our context is defined by DIN 4049 where the hydrological year () runs from 1 November of year one to 31 October of the following year.The winter season includes the months of November to April; the summer season includes the months of May to October.Collective climate models were used for analysis and prediction of climate change.Collective climate models include 21 GCM; all were driven by the scenario RCP 8.5.For the present study, we have selected 3 out of 21 GCM on the basis of their temperature gradient: (a) Minimum mean temperature increase ( → ACCESS1.0, CSIRO-BOM, Australia, 3 °C).The regionalisation of the GCM output was realised by the STAR model.


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