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Analyst updating references

Supervisor references are preferred.” So, I have provided one supervisor reference and one regular member of the local society reference but when i click “save and continue” it still shows my application for this step as “in progress”. I need some help in documenting my BA experience for the CBAP requirements, i.e. in any 4 knowledge areas of the BABOK, the 21 PD hours and 2 references…how do I prepare this document for applying for the exam? Unfortunately I see that the IIBA has removed the link to the paper version of the application.There must also be a measurable learning objective to the class.If it meets all these requirements it should qualify for PD hours.On your application this will be documented within the projects you documented above for the work experience.Once you have documented the information above for each project, the application process will take you through each of the six knowledge areas; first asking you what percentage of the BA hours of the project was spent in this knowledge area.You will need two people that will attest to your candidacy for certification – they are your references.They will have to sign a statement that basically states, “I endorse ’s candidacy for Business Analysis certification. So these must be people that you have worked with either in the past or present and will have the ability to rate your skill level.

However, these days there are virtual training options available over the internet that qualifies for PD hours.

The CBAP requires 3,750 hours over the last seven years.

So over that time span you need to document every project that you worked on in which you performed any Business Analysis (BA) tasks (as defined in the ).

Classes, virtual or otherwise, offered by Endorsed Education Providers (EEPs) of the IIBA have already been evaluated by the IIBA and the education provider may advertise the PD hours for which the class qualifies.

Should you take a class from a non-EEP, you can only list the class on the certification application and wait for the IIBA to determine if it qualifies for the PD hours that you are requesting.


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