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Anchorage cams videochat face to face without registration

Each conference number is mapped to a different context ID in the AMS API.The first user to open the conference link is assigned as moderator (or controller) who receives all the events in that context.Strata really is a front-end to launch other apps to reach out to users and supports the notion of separating the user contacts from reachability apps. It is an experimental enterprise app for desktop and mobile to quickly connect with any of your top 9 contacts.

There will be something solid for us to stand on or we will be taught to fly. Happy in its history, safe in the arms of loved ones... A web and mobile app for managing your top 9 contacts (2014-2015) It is an experimental enterprise cloud app created at Avaya Labs to quickly connect with any of your top 9 contacts.

Please visit my student project page for details on how to join or contribute.

My open source projects were earlier hosted on Google Code, but now are migrated to Github and transferred to the ownership of Intencity (consulting business) for longer term support and maintenance. SIP/SDP, Translating H.264 between Flash Player and SIP/RTP, A proposal for reference implementation respoitory, What great programmers think? SIP vs XMPP or SIP and XMPP, SIP-using-P2P vs P2P-over-SIP A content portal for my past and current student projects that I have mentored, as well as a social network forum to connect students, project mentors and professors.

Additionally, it allows authenticating using either authentication token or ALICE credentials. This is a very simple browser based audio and video conferencing application using Web RTC and AMS (Avaya Media Server). The project is hosted internally, and not available outside.

read more Multiparty conference bridge using Web RTC and AMS (2014-2015) It uses resource server to create endpoint driven conference control and membership management in a centralized multi-party conference hosted at Avaya Media Server (AMS). It uses the Web RTC APIs available in AMS 7.7 or later. It generates a random 9-digit conference number, and joins that conference.


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