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Ang pagdating ni magellan sa mactan Hermaphridite dating phone numbers wis

Insofar as the Kingdom’s history, there are some true and accurate accounts of it with some inconsistencies, such as; the incoming muslims were the King Luisong’s sons who reigned at respective regions far reaching Hawaii.one son was Lapu Lapu a Governor of Sempurna in the Title as Panglima Ege who even had a proper name.This was so, to instill in us to not rely on others for our own self development and/or progress. God, Alah, Bathala or whatever you call your God its still the same the difference is what we call them. now your kiss-asss like a lap dog in there defense…With so many prophets over the centuries and with their adherents’ man-made religions, it was only to Prophet Mohammad that Allah stated that, “Mohammad, I have given unto you, the same religion had given the Prophets before you, and the is the religion of Goodness, in which shall you call, Al-Islam”. hey dude slavery until today are much alive, guest who is behind the people who are christians .And subsequent Brunie Sultan Ul Rijal the 5th to the 7th Brunei Sultan, one of them name after.

Subsequently, the Malay/ Srivijaya/ Madjapahit disintegrated. In its place, a Moslem religious government was established inaugurating the reign of Sultanates.

By the early sixteenth century, the ruling maharajah, Luisong Tagean, had 720,000 metric tons of gold that he kept in present day Kota Kinabalu, Sabah or North Borneo. The Family Tree of Maharajah Luisong Tagean: MAHARAJAH LUISONG TAGEAN. In 1726, at the age of 40, he married Princess Elizabeth Overbeck Macleod of Austria. You know that’s the way of the lord God letting the spaniards won the war or fight, those royal once before had lost thier throne already…

He resided in the Lamayan District, now known as Malacañang. In 1761, he sought the help of the British against the Spaniards. And read the history the one who slave the filipino before are the raha, sultan and dato not the spanish!!! To the remaining of the royal tribe they lost thier power because thier slave had been given freedom by the spanish or the church!!! All the angle of history about my own country I know it!!! Thanks to christianism our eyes had been open to the real God that gives freedom to the timawa or slave…

SO DON’T open your F**K mouth if you don’t understand anythingssss.

Perhaps His Highness just may have political authority in the long run over the country, considering that the Court case was judged final and executor y on Jan.


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