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Are whiteboy7thst and kpopp still dating

I've had sex today, you haven't" * "I have this notion" * "Does a super patriot wear a cape? " * "Dildos, lots of dildos" * "North Korea has nukes like Gunit has nukes. ** * Pre-recorded (82%) * Live (18%) **Top Suggestions** * Kyle on Camera (41%) * Prank calls (20%) * Longer shows (14%) * Murka as Host (10%) * Themed Episodes (8%) * Would You Rather (7%) **Guest Suggestions** * Philly D (42%) * Harley (Epic Meal Time) (20%) * Rockon1m1 (11%) * Jackie (Mrs.

" * "I lost my train of thought" **Best Kyle Quote** * "Please for the love of god make it stop! They may seem real at the first glance, but upon further inspection..." * "Wet platinum! Gamertag) (8%) * Bill Burr (4%) * Joe Rogan (4%) * Seananners (4%) * ONLYUSEme BLADE (4%) * Hutch (2%) * Jenna Marbles (1%) The last time this was discussed was [26 days ago]( Squad Killas/comments/1fah27/we_need_another_drinking_episode/) and Woody really liked the idea.

Lefty is similar in this manner, but Lefty can really jump into a serious discussion about issues and e makes a lot of sense. i=binomial distribution n = 4 p = 0.5) 93.75% chance of 1 person winning. Citizens Executed Last night on PKA I made a ton of references to my /r/Rape Squad Killas haters.

But let's not forget what woody brings to the table, he is very funny, and really helps the flow o the show. Woody is consistantly funny and entertaining, which few people can claim to be. **Lee Rigby** * They ran him over with a car, he was dead. * UK dials 999 * Talk about firearms and they will bring guns. The guys always finding some flaw in my topics, timing, etc.

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***The Rules -*** **Woody -** When he comes up with a new topic or mentions his tech equipment.**Best Guests** * Murka Durkah (34%) * Harley (Epic Meal Time) (19%) * Boogie2988 (10%) * Joe Lauzon (7%) * ONLYUSEme BLADE (5%) * Andy (@Raging Korean) (4%) * Taylor The Sub (@Fergals1107) * Aria Aspen * Chaos Math * Hutch * Redneck * Paintball Kitty **Best Host** * Kyle (55%) * Woody (15%) * Wings (15%) * Lefty (15%) **Best Topic** * Making Kyle Uncomfortable (42%) * Mic Talk (14%) * Current Events (7%) * Kyle's Stories (7%) * Truck Talk (6%) * Cool Story Bro (Life stories) (5%) * Would You Rathers (4%) * Gaming Talk (4%) * Sex Talk (4%) * Hypotheticals (3%) * Motherless videos (2%) * Kyle's Dad (2%) **Best Episodes** * PKA 96 (19%) * PKA 137 (14%) * PKA 138 (11%) * PKA 141 (11%) * PKA 122 (11%) * PKA 49 (11%) * PKA 140 (10%) * PKA 100 (7%) * PKA 106 (2%) * PKA 139 (2%) * PKA 52 (2%) **Best Wings Quote** * "I'm down, cow" * "Bears are human" * "Don't put the pussy on a pedestal" * "Burn the truck" * "Don't give me that school zone bullshit" * "Y'all mother fuckers don't drink sweat tea?" * "You've obviously never had slack pussy" * "Why the fuck you stream that shit!" * "If they're cheating on their wife, I actually trust them more" * "Fuck cops" * "These are stats" **Best Woody Quote** * "Fuck Kyle" * "Fucknards" * "Women are built for rape" * "New Topic!" * "Shucks" * "Yippity Yippity Yip" * "Are you listening DDo Sers? " **Least Favorite Topic** * Truck Talk (29%) * Game of Thrones Talk (25%) * Mic Talk (17%) * Weight loss talk (11%) * Politics (5%) * Call of Duty (5%) * Religion (4%) * MMA Talk (2%) **Live or Prerecorded?***Drink Requirements -*** **Jordie** *must* drink the same beverage as before, the straight hard liquor (Dr. q=Boston Bombings#q=Jodi Arias, Boston Bombing&cmpt=q) According to [The New York Times]( The facts are as follows: * Jurors took 15 hours to find Arias **guilty** * Jurors took 3 hours to deem her eligible for the death penalty * Jurors could not decide the punishment * Judge had no option but to call **mistrial** in penalty phase of trial * The guilty verdict will remain.Mc Gilicutties Intense Vanilla Peach Snaps IIRC) that fucked him up hard the last time and led to a great show. According to [The Associated Press]( Story/steps-jodi-arias-case-19245931) the way forward involves: * Finding new jurors. Prosecution isn't ready to take death off the table just yet.**Woody** can get off easy with his bitch drinks (I love ya, Woody but Mike's Hard Lemonade and Strawberry Daiquiris, really? **Kyle and Lefty** are free to pick whatever they want, although I think Kyle is a softy too. "Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery issued a statement Thursday saying: ' As of this point in time ...Oh but let's see if we could get Lefty to drink some potentially racist named Brand of alcohol, if that's possible like White Russian ;) Let's get this thing kicking, we haven't had a drinking Episode in over 115 shows and I could see this going well. I feel right at home here, y'know I love you guys <3 haha. hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1280&bih=629&q=Scar Tattoo&oq=Scar Tattoo&gs_l=img.3..0l10.921.4668. we will proceed with the intent to retry the penalty phase.'" [Summary of the case]( Side note: [Amanda - Retried in Italy: Scared to go to Italy]( **Boston Bombings** Facts Listed Off: * Boston Bombing had higher high than Arias Trial: [False](**Kyle -** His showing of wealth and interest in younger girls and guns. v=pbz UH90Sm0E Disorderly conduct Most epic commentary *Edit: Added link Hey guys, I thought I would try this out and see if people liked it or not.Oh and when he mentions Wet Platinum or opposes competitor brands like KY or (Woody's Favorite) Astro Glide. It required ~15 hours of work over the past 3 days.


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