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Battlehorn castle quest not updating

It is upgradable with Men-At-Arms patrolling the grounds and a blacksmith with his wolf-dog all willing to do your bidding, features a secret treasure vault, furnishings that can be purchased to decorate, a purchasable Dwemer Forge that buffs the Armorer skill, and a chef, maid, vintner, combat trainer, and taxidermist for hire.

It also adds a quest to earn the new castle and a second quest for several added new items, three new enemies, and an Apprentice of Mercantile with 2,000 gold to the Merchant's Inn in the Market District of the Imperial City.

Basically SM's delayers are patches that add some kind of criteria before you will hear the rumour.

For example, for Battlehorn Castle (aka the Fighters Stronghold plugin), you have to have a certain number of creature kills before you hear the rumour.

Anyway, have a look and if you're interested in tackling any of these and need some help, let me know and I'll be glad to.

So that limits which mods I'll release a delayer for. I've never looked at what SM did with the DLC, but since you brought it up, I think I will. My main concern is that these delayers remain Bash-able.The issue with Kot N for me is that the chapel is destroyed as soon as you activate it, but the vendor there is the only one that sells one of the restoration spells.You have to do without that until you complete Kot N unless you hold off on installing that plugin.I think most of the DLC's have BSA's, but I'm not sure that that would mean that your delayer wouldn't be bashable, if I understand how your delayers work...I've been tweaking both SM's mod and the DLC's I own all of them except SI (believe it or not )Weeelllll, as long as I limit my changes to modifcations of scipts or quests only, my patches remain Bash-able. i think there is a problem with the lost spires delayer, although it has green text in wrye bash marking it a mergeable patch, it doesn't appear in bashed patch merge option, so the esp cannot be merged.edit: fixed with new boss masterlist update, thx Just a (constructive) criticism comment from reading the BOSS thread.Subsequent releases of my delayers don't change names unless the mod being patched changes and its changes affect my changes.User Summary Adds a new house for the player called Battlehorn Castle. ) and when run separately (presumably because of the way MO segregates things) none of my mods show up. Pretty sure if I tried stuffing something 64 bit down XP's throat I'd hear about it. far as I know the version 2.3.2 download (top link on that page I linked) is 32 bit.SM's delayer usually kicks in too early for me (the only requirement is a fame of 15).Also as Petrus O pointed out earlier, the dialog is a little annoying because you have to lie, no matter what kind of player you are...


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