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This is an argument that'll probably never have a final answer, as several internet discussion forums attest. The Jazzmaster has a fuller and warmer tone, but the Jaguar can sound more crisp and punchier (and also quite darker when you use its rhythm circuit.) The Jaguar also has a shorter scale neck, which some people prefer, and others don't.

Broadly speaking, many players feel that the Jazzmaster takes distortion better than the Jaguar, while the Jaguar is great clean - unless you do like Kurt Cobain and choose a humbucker-equipped version, in which case the Jaguar will sound even meatier than the Jazzmaster!

The top rollers are tone and volume controls for the rhythm circuit, just like the Jazzmaster.

The main difference are the 3 bottom switches: These switches are for Neck pickup (on/off), Bridge pickup (on/off) and Bass Cut (on/off).

It’s similar to other tactics that will soften her up, like gently touching her forearm as you flirt.

Researchers even have a name for it: sexual selection theory of music.

Another study, published in , showed that women are more receptive to a Facebook profile picture that shows a man with a musical instrument.

For the experiment, an attractive man approached 300 women and after complimenting them, asked for their phone numbers.

He did this in three different scenarios: holding a guitar case, toting a sports bag, or not carrying anything at all.

14 years ago, The White Stripes released ‘Seven Nation Army’, and pop music would find itself a little bit changed forever.

It’s debatable whether or not the prowling lead single from ‘Elephant’ is their best song – we’d be here all week with that one.


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