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Building dating from the beginning of

This can range from a cautious interest to early strong desire, such as when a woman sees a man she does not know at a party and is immediately attracted to him.

Knowing about them may happen in various ways, for example a man may see a woman in a bar or a sales person hears of a possible customer from a colleague.

There is also information exchange which helps with the next stage of deciding where to take the relationship.

A typical question to help this is 'What do you do?

If there is a third person helping out, they may volunteer information, for example where a friend is 'match-making' or a company researches prospects for a salesperson.

With enough information, the motivation for a relationship begins.


  1. Top 10 Dating ; New Relationship Don'ts. and building your girlfriend up to impossible heights just means that her inevitable flaws and imperfections will.

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