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Back at the military station, the nitroglycerine canisters come into contact with the sun and explode.

Base camp tells the teams to get their cases of nitroglycerin into the shade.

When someone with all Jane’s wealth of experience and knowledge and wisdom tells us that, we really have to take notice.'The two met eight years ago when Angelina was cast as the primatologist in the film Jane's Journey, about her life.

Both UN Ambassadors, they bonded and became firm friends.

Kareem and Malcolm do so, but, while resting after covering the cases, the leaked nitroglycerin eventually gets into contact with the sun and explodes, killing the two.

Meanwhile, underground, Annie begins to suffer from pulmonary edema.

Meanwhile, in the crevasse, Vaughn administers dex to himself and kills Tom with the syringe full of air to save the remaining dex for himself.He went on to marry Jane, and the two had one son before divorcing, but stayed close until his death in 2002.Speaking to the sell-out crowd at the Hollywood Bowl on Monday, Jane shared the message she has spent her life promoting.'I have a very important message to take around the world. And we need to get together to try and make change,' she told the audience, who gave her a standing ovation.'The National Geographic has been helping me to spread this message around the world ever since 1962 when they sent Hugo van Lawick to Gombe [National Park in Tanzania] and he was the one whose films and still photographs took the story of Jane and the chimps into homes around America and then around the world.'She said she initially rolled her eyes at the idea of another movie about her life. "Well Jane never mind, it's going to be another film but it will help spread the message." So I agreed.'She said she was told her involvement would require just three hours of interviews.'We met for the first time out in Tanzania and it didn't work out quite like that.Shiloh, Zahara, Knox and Vivien looked delighted to meet the 83-year-old, who remains a committed activist and spends her life travelling the world to educate people about the importance of conservation.Speaking at the event, Angelina said Jane was an inspiration to her six children.'I am so happy to be here to support my friend, and the cause that she has given her whole adult life to — helping us understand nature and our place in it,' Angelina told People magazine.'And now calling on us all to really grasp that we don’t have unlimited time to save wildlife and the environment.The teams pair off: Malcolm and Kareem, Monique and Cyril, and Peter and Wick.Each team takes different entry points up the mountain to increase chances of success.Peter is dropped off at K2 Base Camp and searches for Annie who is planning a summit attempt on K2, the world’s second highest and most dangerous mountain.The expedition is funded by wealthy industrialist Elliot Vaughn (Paxton) who is also part of Annie’s expedition, with the help of renowned climber Tom Mc Laren (Nicholas Lea).I met him [director Brett] and he started this interview.It lasted for two, two and a half days.'Brett, known for films such as Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck, interjected: 'The first thing I asked Jane was "Do you get tired of telling your story."'And she looked at me and said "It depends who's asking the questions."' To laughter, the pair introduced the film.


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