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Have you been looking for someone to help clarify the best ways to enter the cannabis industry?What about someone to help you explain your cannabis use to a potential partner?Heidi Keyes is the CEO of Dee Dussault is the founder of Ganja Yoga operating out of San Francisco and she does warn us that “Of course, too much THC can cause agitation and anxiety, so dose is essential.” But with the right dose and the right environment we can find the perfect balance on a date where we can access that feeling that “it’s okay to just be where you are and as relaxed as you can be.” That is what these two entrepreneurs and many other cannabis event coordinators are doing across the country, crafting an intentional space for cannabis singles (and everyone else! After checking in with Willie Williams over in Flagstaff it became apparent that like every other good partner out there, he was interested in someone who was just real.He tends to notice first “how genuine she is when we speak to each other” and also if she is “driven or outgoing” since he prefers to get active after he gets medicated instead of fall into the stoner stereotype.Přečtěte si další informace, mimo jiné i to, jaké máte možnosti: zásady používání souborů cookie.kees4133629cn cn 18765995805cn cn cn cn cn odoo1232577497cn cn wa15092456500184849742cn o0cn 36327478cn 10086ow000428425918406cn 821326143426cn zhida569798888232902db1vlh9cn 225582739059cn xn--gnrw89c7cn 100020418cn 41053cn 132911cn 555663531139ddc2cn 228016l3b3570269538478299245457cn 8147271833cn 485568cn 03789098386cn 257592u5cn cn 4580838176355zqdqx8cn 53998cn cn mwwzd82288888888xkd200829800cn 735291130571782353709260cn 47097cn cn cn cn zjjinyu9998cn cn youbeauty10051464cn 657675271748ganxi32385hd8cn cn 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I think cannabis consumers just have a slightly different set of values in terms of really focusing on things and being in the moment, valuing and enjoying experiences and relationships over material things.By teaching customers to make plans, set goals and never stop striving for the best, Highly Devoted Coaching has become a serious game changer in the world of many cannabis lovers.Her clients defy the typical stoner stereotypes and actively work to improve their lives and the lives of people around them in the most efficient ways possible.When on that first date he likes to smoke an Indica because he feels that they make him feel more in his body.Strains like Holy Grail Kush and Girl Scout Cookies are the perfect Indica blend to help him maintain a lively conversation but not feel too amped up on THC.On one hand, you get to starfish in bed every night and partake in every weird semi-disgusting habit that your heart desires.On the other hand, you cook dinner for one and sometimes think about waking up with someone snuggly on the other side of the bed.Molly Peckler was tired of watching the judgment these people face every day, simply for using a natural, safe substance.She created Highly Devoted Coaching to help steer clients down successful paths in life and dating, while still keeping who they are intact.For those of us that love to partake in cannabis, whether it is recreationally or medically, tend to enjoy having a buddy that gives us reason to pack that bowl for two.We asked one of our most eligible cannabis bachelor friends Willie Williams, Assistant Dispensary Manager at High Mountain Health in Flagstaff, what he thinks about the dating scene as a card-carrying medical cannabis user.


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