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Cheap ideas for updating kitchen cabinets dating by olympiads

Purchased: Laminate flooring, bought from a big box store when it was on sale.

(Comparison shopping really pays off here.) When we moved in, the carpet was so worn and ugly that we ripped it out and lived with the subflooring until we could afford something better.

We thought it would create a lot of upheaval and interruptions to our lives. There was no way we could sell our home as-is in a soft real estate market.

Wanting to move overseas where life is slower and cheaper, we did plenty of reading about every possible to make a house look attractive to buyers, and watched more episodes of than we probably needed to.

We focused on Our Expat Adventure and it really helped to motivate us. But here's the thing: A big chunk of the cost comes in the actual building materials.

You don't feel the pinch as much if you buy things bit by bit.

Besides, doing it that way made paying for our home update project a lot less daunting. Here is a brief account of how we changed our split-level house since we first moved in.

I originally wrote it to journal what we did along the way but now that it's finished, hopefully it will give you a few ideas of your own.

We rolled everything up and hauled it to the dump in the trunk of our car.

We would enjoy something even better: A new life in a new place.

There's nothing like setting a goal to get you moving.

Problem was, we put the actual action on the back burner for years.

It was setting a deadline that finally got us out of that lazy mindset.


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