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Church christ dating service

All factions of the Christian community are welcome, and our free Christian dating service is home to unaffiliated, non-observant, Evangelical, Protestant, Catholic, Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Jehovah's Witnesses and other religious singles all looking to meet their soul mate!

It's virtual Christian dating in a safe, fun-filled environment catered to members of the Faith.

The act is seen as a reminder of the cost of Christ's sacrifice.The United Church of Christ gives autonomy to its local churches, many of which are controversial.This inclusive and liberal denomination broke ground with an early stand against slavery (1700), the first ordained African American (1785), the first ordained woman (1853), and was the first to ordain openly gay, lesbian, transgendered and bisexual persons (1972).Many Christians are hesitant to write a personals ad, since they want to wait for God's guidance. After all, choosing your spouse is a choice for life. The monks used to say "ora et labora" — pray and work.We strongly believe dating sites are being used by God to bring Christian singles together.Heaven, Hell - Many members do not believe in specific places of reward or punishment, but do believe God gives believers eternal life.Jesus Christ - Jesus Christ is recognized as fully human and fully God, Son of the Creator, Savior, and Head of the Church.Bible - The Bible is used for inspiration, guidance, and for preaching.Members are not required to believe literally any version of Scripture.Acceptance of diversity and an evolving theology has made the United Church of Christ one of the most progressive and polemic faith movements.Baptism - Baptism is the church community's promise of "love, support, and care." United Church of Christ (UCC) churches baptize infants brought by parents, or adults, when they are received into membership.


  1. United Church of Christ beliefs embrace tradition and the confidence that God still. Worship Service - United Church of Christ beliefs account for wide diversity.

  2. The International Churches of Christ Singles Ministry is a. food, dance, and ability to give back, like Jesus, through service. the dating website of the.

  3. Feb 03, 2005 Church of Christ Rules. February 4. Do you think he finds sin in the use of a musical instrument in church service? The Church of Christ is the embodied.

  4. Free Christian dating site. over 130,000 singles joined our service, making cMatch a top ranked Christian dating site. We're united in Jesus Christ.

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