Goatee is called "chin pubes." Materialism is a major theme.Jeep, Tiffany, Calvin Klein, Cartier, Coke, malls, and the Beverly Hills high-end shopping mecca, Rodeo Drive, are featured.Cher is absorbed with her looks, clothing, and position in her high school's social order.As such, she has a set of rules that parallel Jane Austen's Edwardian mores and restrictions.

Cher espouses her philosophy throughout, demonstrating that though she's smart, she also is ignorant. Characters quote and Dickens and read books by Nietzsche and William Burroughs.

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Cher and the rest of the Clueless clique are out to prove that when it comes to fashion, they're the best Beverly Hills has to offer.

Join Cher, Dionne and their gal pals and dress them according to the style guides and what look you need for each model. As levels progress you are given more looks to create. Go ahead and refresh yourself on certain looks or take notes if needed. They are not alike, make sure you know the difference. I didn't find the tutorial very clear on that, but it might be just me.

I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but I looooove this game.


  1. Watch Clueless starring Alicia Silverstone in this Romance on DIRECTV. It's available to watch on TV, online, tablets, phone.

  2. The Clueless Adventurers TCA started in February of 2004. It has become one of the symbols of longevity, excellence and maturity to other clans and individuals of.

  3. Define clueless having or providing no clue; completely or hopelessly bewildered, unaware, ignorant, or foolish — clueless in a sentence

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