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Current recordset d does not support updating locktype dts

I can execute Select, Insert and Delete statements via the link without error.When I launch an update from sqlplus I get the following error: SQL update [email protected] set pcau =3D 'dummy' 2 where cod=3D4281 and tip =3D ' P' and codu =3D2001; update [email protected] set pcau =3D 'dummy' * ERROR at line 1: ORA-28500: la conexi=F3n de ORACLE a un sistema no Oracle ha devuelto este mensaje: [Generic Connectivity Using ODBC][A055] The column ' PCAU' is not updateable.Everything is called using a CL stored procedure that then calls an RPG "driver" program. The program first updates fields, then writes audit history messages.The program appears to be "skipping" certain updates - the audit history notes will write but the fields haven't updated.I thought a manual insert or update would get around it - it does not.One clue: I read somewhere where the record selector will turn to a pencil if it needs to be updated and will be an arrow if nothing to update.[snip errors / questions] 1) MSACCESS 17c-159 EXIT SQLGet Stmt Option with return code -1 (SQL_ERROR) HSTMT 08E31718 UWORD 0 PTR 0x0012B37C DIAG [S1C00] [Oracle][ODBC]Driver not capable. Sub Macro1() Dim Table Name As String Dim Field Name As String ' Dim Input Range As Range Dim cn As ADODB. Recordset Dim cl As Range Field Name = "VNEDUS" Table Name = "F0911Z1" ' Input Range = Range("A1: A10") Set cn = New ADODB. Open "DSN=AS400JDE;" & _ "UID=SPREAD;" & _ "PWD=SPREAD;" & _ "Database=JS1DTA" Set rs = New ADODB. BHEADW ( BATCHNUM NUMERIC(5) NOT NULL, COMPID CHAR(2) NOT NULL, AMOUNT NUMERIC(9,2) NOT NULL, BDATE DATE NOT NULL, EDIREF CHAR(15), FLAG CHAR(1) NOT NULL ) And I insert the following values (the table is EMPTY except for single row below) INSERT INTO EJWLIB.

I have tried this and other methods I have stumbled upon in the usenet group. The table is bound to the subform, but I still added sql to check for the record existance and if not there, SQL to insert else SQL to update. I get the following error when I change the SSL part of the connection string from "SSL=FALSE" to "SSL=TRUE" -----IBMDA400 Session error '80004005' -----CWBDB0001 - Connection handle failed in attempt to contact server (System XXX. If I do a netstat during the Operations Navigator based query it'll show an established connection to the same port. I CANNOT connect via ODBC or ADO WITH SSL and perform a query. XXX) If I do a netstat on the machine during the attempt, it shows a syn_sent or time_wait for port 9471 for that request.Details is: OS: Win2000 server(English version) SP4 C/A : V4R4 As400 OS: V4R4 I have tried to reinstall C/A even a newer version (V5R1), but the problem persists. I probably haven't been very clear on this so if anyone isn't sure then let me know. NET) that calls programs on the AS/400 thru client access.The program allows an Internet user to update one or more fields on one file, then records audit history entries in a second file.Trying to run it with Client Access ODBC driver gives me the error "driver does not support this function". What you cannot do is to access a Jet (often called Access) database via ODBC from Access.You can link to tables in that Jet database, or open it directly, but you can't ODBC to Jet tables from Access itself. Problems Updating via DB link to AS400/DB2I have created a link using generic connectivity from a instance running on windows 2003 64 bit server to an AS400/DB2 database (V5R2 AFAIK).It does not matter which numeric field contains the negative value. However, if the user accepts all the prefilled info and clicks the 'email' button, a blank report generates (no record on table to report).I can update even rows with negative values if I use SQL (UPDATE) directly, but that's no acceptable solution. Test1 and Test2 are decimal values, if Test1 contains a negative value the mentioned error occurs. I saw a very similar post from 10/01 where the developer was advised to use the me.dirty = false and the me.refresh. I can connect via ODBC or ADO without SSL and perform a query. "Drew Dekreon" Client Access SSL ADO/ODBC problem Here is a riddle: I can connect via Operations Manager SSL and perform a query.


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