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Dating a man with fear of commitment

Here are four: We are afraid of being dependent on another person for mental support and afraid of the requirement of showing our insecurities to the person with whom we will live for the rest of our lives, under the same roof. The most important battles in the history of the world were won by the less fortunate army, which had heart and courage.

For men, consciously or subconsciously, it is a difficult and a heavy load of reality to accept.

We must accept that another female, who was not a major part of our previous lives, is all of a sudden life's focal point.

This makes a lot of men feel "trapped" because they fail to realize it's liberating to have someone to talk with about insecurities and vulnerabilities, and still be loved.

Most of us have probably been in a relationship or two where we felt our partner was holding back.

When you get to a certain point in your life, you start seeing things on an abysmal level, and that level is pretty intimidating for everyone. She literally has to pick one person out of countless others to create another human being inside of her.

If he or she isn’t opening up space emotionally and physically for you, then there’s no room for the relationship to grow.

Does it seem like your partner always has a reason for not wanting to get married or settle down?

Men act like they are the only species afraid of commitment. Most of us are mentally alone for most of our lives; those who find the courage to share their deepest thoughts with someone end up not being alone. For women, it may, but not in a way men understand.

It is a very hard concept to wrap our testosterone-filled bodies and child-like brains around, when genetically and biologically, by laws of nature and procreation, we are meant to inseminate as many females as possible (at the same time, if we're Dan Bilzerian) and keep moving forward to the next challenge.


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