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Dating a raver

(No famous dj's i might add..dj's who keep the oldskool scene alive).Forever a part of me.hahah -- i used to be a big clubber , and spent many a friday night in the limelight , or Shine -- both in belfast.Bit long in the tooth for that now, and i stopped dabbling in alcohol and other substances a couple of years ago. For todays scene, sadly i'm not really interested...it's the old tunes i like alongside the memories.Although i do support the up and coming drum n bass, jungle and hardcore breaks tunes by listening in on a friday night sometimes...showing my support to the dj's who i now class as friends.

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I was lucky enough to get to the first Quadrant Park reunion though a year or so ago (I think) and I've been friends with some of the old Blackburn warehouse dj's for a bit (those that are still knocking about that is). Ah, the old days.....*drifts off on a sea of memories with stiff nips and the hair on the back of her neck standing up...*Pawlett Manor. My passion is house though.dark and dirty..i love it all.Have maximum respect for the early pioneers though. I used to travel the country with a few buddies of mine. and not to mention some dodgy private illegal operations on weird traveller sites.We used to get down to the Eclipse in Coventry and Shellys in Stoke quite often. I've got one or two old skool tunes but I hardly touch them. VVVUsed to go to mainly rain dance events tbh, though I think they did a couple sorta crap festival events which was more than one of the old organisers.I'm not talking about the Infected Mushroom stuff, I mean the more acid house sounding stuff from 1993/4 from labels like Dragonfly, TIP etc... I haven't been able to listen to Hardcore for quite a few years. =(I used to go to the Point Inn and Kellys(before it became Lush) back in 1992......heady days and nights. If i could have went to any event back in the day that i missed...would have been Quadrant Park events....atmosphere, dj's and tunes had to be seen to be believed.I still love listening to old tapes from way back then but would never go to a club. Yes, i'm a wee bit passionate about the good old days.Me and a mate introduced early dance music like orbital " chime " and bam bam " wheres your child " to our local clubs in our hometown.I've seen many different forms of dance music come and go , but the one that endures for me to this day is Detroit techno ( the original techno , not this ravey crap ) that spawned people like dan curtin , luke slater , dave clarke , jeff mills etc........i spent a long time tracking down such classics as Eon " infinity " , Juan Atkins " techno music " , blake baxter " when we used to play " , and detroit techno has had a huge influence on the music i make myself , although these days , i tend to listen to a genre called IDM / glitch which is really experimental and seeks new ground.hardcore music is live and kicking down your local gym...there are many hardcore tracks that are used for tracks in Body Combat classes!Manchester was the initial fascination with Megadog, The Herbal Tea Parties, Acid Rock, and Havok..Before long it was Welsh Parties, Voodoo at Le Bateau and The Orbit in Leeds.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...


  1. Mar 30, 2015. Are you interested keeping your own dignity in front of strangers? Would you like to maintain a functioning liver? Do you not want to hate songs you would usually dance your ass off to? Is a healthy sleep schedule on your to-do list? Then you better believe me when I tell you never, ever date a DJ. I admit.

  2. Was just remembering back to the late 80s early 90s when some of us used to go out to the old raves until it went into main stream clubs, have your musical tastes changed since then? Do you still li.

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