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Dating blog comments powered by disqus

To perform this, just repeat Step 4b by pasting the Disqus Comment Count code at the very bottom of the code in the box.Next, add in the same hyperlink for the comments and remark out that entire section.You should see two main code areas to edit, the Blog post body template HTML and Blog listing template HTML, and each serve different purposes.Blog post body template HTML - For editing the look and feel of the single blog post display page.Click Done, then Update the template and view the results.Enjoy the benefits of using Disqus for your commenting system on your Hubspot blog. Server environment, web functionality and Word Press expert.If you have Google users as your readers then it would be a wise option to put a Google comment box. Word Press comes with a nice default comment box and you can get other ones through plugins if you don’t like the default one.

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If you are already logged into your Disqus account, your Disqus ID will be inserted automatically into the code.I can guarantee you that they are easy to implement. This step is pretty common for all the comment boxes.And you will have the full control of how they look and behave (for the most parts). There are many ways to add a comment box to Jekyll. You can sign up for Disqus with your email, facebook, twitter or Google plus.You can adjust how yours displays such as float left, font color, etc.In the you can add in the comment count next to each blog post title to show whether there are any comments on the post, and link directly to the comments section of that post.There are people who agree with you, there are some who may not agree with you and there are few who may have a different opinion all together. You have to choose the one that suits your website.But how will you know what their opinion is if you don’t give them the option to express!? Suppose if you are active only on facebook, you can choose facebook comment box. Suppose if you don’t care about user reactions then there is no need to keep a comment box!This removes the default built in comments box in the blog listing view.You can leave it as it will link to the Post comments box also, but the counter will never update so I choose to remove it.The Hub Spot COS blog comes with built-in commenting on the blog, and there are benefits to using Hub Spot's native comments function, like using Hub Spot's analytics to track leads from comments.Personally, I think that Disqus is a more full-featured system with many more benefits.


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  2. Apr 3, 2017. With each variation, a new Disqus comment box loads. We need to pass each posts' URL into the Disqus embed so that the Disqus widget knows they are the same URL. I found this old HubSpot academy article and followed the instructions, but I am not convinced it is up-to-date. blog.

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