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Making these small simple shifts can help you to be irresistible and highly alluring to any man. Thank goodness we don’t have to be cookie cutter Ai’s. I’m about to share with you the top secrets to attracting men. Dating Coach Secret # 1 Be Your Most Beautiful Self. Luckily beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone has different tastes.Confidence also creates a sexual magnetism and draws men to you like a magnet.If you’re not feeling confident right now, that’s ok. I transformed from being a super shy girl who would frequently blush and hide in the background to being confident and comfortable enough to appear on TV, radio and online interviews and speaking engagements. I just learnt how to overcome my fears and believe in myself. This is very powerful because if a man feels good around you he will be subconsciously drawn to you.

Evelina has the unique ability of understanding the challenges that highly ambitious, time poor professionals face when dating, especially when living abroad, having shared that experience herself.

Is it your nice hair, eyes, lips or your captivating smile?

Enhance your look with natural make up and good skin care. It is an indictor or good health, genes and a healthy diet. It’s a win-win because not only will you feel good about you he will adore you too! Now I don’t mean squeeze into a tight dress and have your breasts spilling out of a top.

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  6. Want help to improve your success dating? Meet Evelina, a leading dating coach, professional matchmaker and relationship expert in Sydney. Call at 61 415 214 487.

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