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Dating electrical lighting fixtures

Sometimes known as the Deutsche Edison Accumulatoren Company, this company was organized in Berlin between October 1904 and March 1905 to exploit Edison's storage battery in Germany, Austria, and Hungary.

Financial backing was provided by the Deutsche Bank.

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The company ceased operations shortly after the onset of World War I, although it continued to maintain a small office until Graf's resignation. This company was organized in December 1889 as Edison's personal business and was incorporated in New Jersey on May 5, 1900.

In 1913 the company moved its plant to Allentown, Pennsylvania, and combined with the Mack Truck Company and the Webb Fire Engine Company. Edison began litigation in July, alleging patent infringement, and a settlement agreement was signed in November 1904.

This company was organized in 1903 by former Edison employees James W. The company was purchased by the Edison Manufacturing Company in 1905 and officially dissolved in 1908, although its accounts show continued activity through mid-1911.

Eaton's Crouse-Hinds Business products are sold worldwide and meet all local and international code requirements.

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  1. Edison Companies; Automobile Lansden Company This company was formed in Newark, New Jersey on April 24, 1904, to manufacture and market electric vehicles.

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