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Dating fender custom shop guitars

He was kind enough to interrupt some down time by talking guitar perhaps more extensively than he ever has, and he allowed VG to shoot some of the more distinctive pieces in his extensive guitar collection.(LEFT) Metheny says this ’56 Gretsch 6120 was, “The first electric guitar I ever laid eyes on.” (RIGHT) This 1980 Roland G-303 synth guitar has a custom vibrato.You kind of have no choice but to spend a few years of your life completely immersed in it, if you want to deal with Charlie Parker or John Coltrane and what that language involves to even function.

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The professor offered the 18-year-old a teaching position.

The list of artists who’ve recorded his compositions is even longer and wider.

In the guitar department, he’s collaborated with Goodrick, “Sco” (as he calls John Scofield), Bill Frisell, and Jim Hall.

Ridiculously prolific, he has released approximately 45 albums under his own name, and who knows how many splinter groups and appearances he’s made on other artists’ projects.

But far from resting on his laurels, and hefty record sales, he hasn’t shied away from taking chances – the most obvious being 1994’s Zero Tolerance For Silence, the melodic master’s about-face into an all-guitar orgy of improvised dissonance recorded in one day. The 2012 CD and film were Metheny’s modernized version of the coin-operated, human-less music machines of yesteryear.


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  2. Photos by John Peden. Despite his 20 Grammy awards and crossover popularity, with loyal fans dating back 40 years, Pat Metheny’s career path should read “Do not.

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