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Dating for crossdressers

I did date a woman for a month and I told her before we even met about my cding.She tried to accept it but eventually she just couldn't get over the fact that I was such a man yet happy to wear womens clothes.

Most of the women that I have met and gone a date with never knew about this side of me and as in most cases, a 2nd date never occured for other reasons.I have also tried explicitly gay sites, such as gay dot com, and have gotten zero interest.Gay men are not interested in transgenders, and you can write that in blood at midnight during the dark of the moon!Edit - There are American T-girls and guys on there, but not that many YET! I really wonder if this is what most cders want but just cannot face the facts.Hint lol well as i read this post, this is exactly what confuses/concerns me as a long time wife of a person that i recently found out was a crossdresser. Correct me if i am wrong, i do not mean to offend anyone so do not jump on the band wagon and take this the wrong way. I read here so often that cders love their wives, are hetero, etc etc, but i truly wonder if all of these men are not gay and in denial.I am very happy to be a man and most people would think of me as being a very macho male figure.I want a wife and children someday and do all the normal stuff that any husband and father would do for and with his family.If there is a way to get around a law, some people will think of it.I do not need anything like that; I married to my date 18 years ago, and she is the best girl in the world.And thank you Vickie, I will look around "general" dating sites that are free. I don't know if there is a US equivalent, in the UK I use tvchix (link in my signature).It is primarily a meeting site but does have a relationship forum and I met my partner via the site.


  1. Women Who Love Crossdressers - A group for women and couples who like straight or bi curious crossdressers.

  2. TvChix is the fastest growing site for crossdressers, tgirls, and others in the transgendered community, including admirers and friends

  3. I'm from Chicago and I'm looking for dating sites but all I find are those pay ones where you can't read or interact with people unless you pay.

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