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Dating people of different races

Main hypotheses: BACKGROUND To race realists, when East Asian males are passive, it is because they have the lowest testosterone levels which cause their genitals to be deformed such that they have the smallest lengths, girths, testicular weight and sperm production.

When East Asian males are aggressive, it is because they are annoyed that they have low testosterone which causes their genitals to be deformed such that they have the smallest lengths, girths, testicular weight and sperm production. Comparative rates of androgen production and metabolism in Caucasian and Chinese subjects. Steroid profiles of professional soccer players: an international comparative study. UPDATE 2013-05-08: A blogger on the race realist Anthro Scape blog states: This PDF file is not to be taken 100% seriously.

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Trying to hide this behind a scientific veneer, Jean Philippe Rushton uses the incidence of prostate cancer to assert that since it is high in Americans of African descent, lower in Americans of European descent and lowest in East Asians, it is mainly due to testosterone differences. Furthermore, extrapolating a table ranking ethnic groups based on testosterone levels is not the best idea, especially when there are different age brackets and methodologies of each of the studies to consider.

The reason basically for Asian men being more feminine in physical appearance is because of they produce more estrogen than men of other racial groups.

Asian women are more feminine in appearance because they produce more estrogen than other women.

His “Mongoloid” group does not include Euro-Americans (Latinos) and indigenous Americans. Even among rapists and child molesters, most had normal T levels except for those who were the most violent. beard growth, penile size and body hair are indicative of the presence of testosterone (along with the genes which code for such phenotypes) but do not tell whether an individual has high or low testosterone. Having a Great Wall of China photo and speaking about so-called Asian related issues does not make one an Asian. If you can find any problem with the data please specify so I can update accordingly.

His “Negroid” group includes US Afropeans but not Dravidians (South Asians) and those with Negrito ancestry such as Malays, which he includes in his “Mongoloid” group. Rada, Laws and Kellner (1976) further states that: Rushton had previously proposed the ‘principle of aggregation’ where he would aggregate data to minimize bias. I’ve studied human physiology and biochemistry for years so I know what I’m talking about. Alternatively, you may perform a study for yourself and post your results for others to critique.


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  3. Racism definition. The belief that some races are inherently superior physically, intellectually, or culturally to others and therefore have a right to dominate them.

  4. In the 19th century Meyers Konversations-Lexikon 1885–90, Caucasoid was one of the three great races of humankind, alongside Mongoloid and Negroid.

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