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Yes, it’s true: Linux sucks like mac OS with games. Skills: “You don’t have Word, Excel, Power Point, etc”Use Google Drive.It’s easy to use, free, and most of us have a gmail account.This is probably the same comment they have about Android, despite the fact that Material Design if far better than the “flat-inconsistent” i OS design.(I was twice i Phone user, so I know what I’m talking).I’m not an i Phone user, so 50% of these apps are useless for me. I don’t want to complain a lot about Apple because I think they are making a really good work for a huge amount of people.But from my point of view as a developer and old mac user the problem is that for me is not anymore that fantastic environment that used to be, or the only one with nice tools to work.

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She is using almost every resource in our home, for free. I did it because I felt that I was using something “old”, not because there was something new.), i Tunes, Messages, Face Time, Notes, Reminders, Quick Time, Notification Center, “Launchpad” (twice in my life I opened this nightmare by mistake), Safari: I used once to download Chrome.The first thing I always do is remove everything from the Dock and if is it possible, uninstall it.But after thinking a lot about it (and spending a lot of money) I bought a new Mac Book Pro (Retina, 15-inch).Mostly because I had it at work and it was working very well.GIMP 2.9 seems promising, the UI is improved a lot.9 of 10 people I know use Photoshop just to crop an image.This distribution requires Mac OS 10.10, Yosemite, or higher and runs on Intel processors. To download the smaller Basic Te X, click Smaller Download.For suggestions on keeping Te X up to date, go to Update Schedule.Make up: “You don’t have Photoshop”That’s true, is hard to find an alternative.In Linux you have GIMP but as I said before, everything has a price.


  1. Oct 24, 2013. There are tons of dating websites out there, all aiming to match people based on common traits and interests. The range is quite expansive, from folks who only want to date Mac users to self-professed geeks, and even equestrians. Now there is place for good doers, called YourCauseOrMine. The free.

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