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” To which he responded with the cross streets for Maggiano’s.Your subsequent drunken remark about wishing he was an investment banker certainly didn’t help either.This severely impairs your judgment and any semblance of standards.searching you right about now.” He spills his heart out to you over oceans of vodka at a bar crawl following the close of exam week. But he breaks it off with you halfway into the following semester when he decides it’s less risky to put the ring on : The blow to your self-esteem resulting from being dumped by the only attractive guy you’ve hooked up with in three years.Here’s the foundational problem with deciding to become a lawyer: If I had told my parents I wanted to be an artist, they immediately would have forced me to do my homework on the career opportunities.

Many thanks to the author for this illuminating and personal portrait of "Biglaw" and relationships. Despite biglaw’s immense popularity as a career goal among pre-law and law students, there is widespread recognition within this group that such a career does come with pitfalls.

But since it’s a known fact that women are particularly vulnerable to pangs of loneliness and trifling self-worth, extreme conditions call for us to modify our standards in order to have our “needs” met.

So, I felt it necessary to represent female law students everywhere with this list of the types of men we girls are forced to turn to for arousal in dire straits.

: His departure severs your final remaining link to the outside world.

Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly since law firms are full of former law students, it doesn’t get any better when you start practicing. Whereas in law school you viewed traders and drug reps as practically untouchable, you now find yourself weighing the pros and cons of a fling with a male paralegal.


  1. Dating someone in your law school section. Shearer, london craftsman and furniture designer david trubridge's beach house. Some law students should apply this advice.

  2. LGBTQ Relationships and the Law;. At loveisrespect, we focus on dating relationships. Dating someone your family doesn’t like can be really hard.

  3. Nov 14, 2010 In the Darwinian world of high-school dating, freshman girls and senior boys have the highest chances of successfully partnering up. Senior girls too.

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