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Dating the age of dinosaurs

It was not lack of evidence that kept such ancient civilizations from becoming known.

It was theoretical preconceptions, and the resulting lack of anyone actually looking for the evidence that was, and is, there.

This, however, has not stopped the suggestion that some dinosaurs may have survived... Elasmotherium, also known as the Giant Rhinoceros or the Giant Siberian Unicorn, is an extinct species of rhino that lived in the Eurasian area in the Late Pliocene and Pleistocene eras.

Deep within in the rainforests of Venezuela, a series of plateaus arise more than 9000 feet (2743 meters) off the ground. They have been documented from 2.6 million years ago, but the most recent fossils come from around 29,000 years ago.

And, there is no evidence of dinosaurs above the KT boundary, except for chickens.

:) There was no evidence of advanced civilization before 6,000 BC ether.

If it is a bison horn, it still poses some rather serious questions, therefore. Meanwhile, actual contiguous triceratops bones have since been freed from the rock, so it doesn't seem to be much in doubt that it is, in fact, a triceratops horn and not that of a bison, educations in paleontology notwithstanding.

We thus have used C-14 dating to solve the mystery why soft tissue and dinosaur depictions exist world-wide.

Our model predicted dinosaur bones would have significant C-14 and indeed they did in the range of 22,000 to 39,000 years BP,” Mr Miller added.

According to Mr Miller, numerous C-14 tests have now been carried out on dinosaur bones, and surprisingly, they all returned results dating back in the thousands rather than millions of years.

“I organized the Paleochronology group in 2003 to fill a void with regards fossil wood and dinosaur bones as I was curious as to their age by C-14 dating.


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