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Some top of the line Epiphones were producedin the U. at either Gibson's Nashville or Montana facilities in the 1990s.

These instruments are the only ones that correspond to the standard post-1977 Gibson serialization.

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However, in 1994, the Nashville-produced Epiphones were configured as YYNNNNNN: YY = 94 (the year) and NNNNNN is the ranking for the entire year.

If the serial number of your Kramer starts with the following serial numbers, it is NOT a USA Made or "American" series Kramer: 1) Two letters followed by a serial number (e.g.

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I mean, he’s plastic and not even the kind of plastic that bends. You can find me on the moon waxing and waning, my heart full of petals, every single one begging “love me, love me, love me, whoever I am, whoever I become.In 1993, a structure was developed where the number (or pair of numbers) following the initialletter indicates the year of production (i.e."3" indicates 1993, or a"93" would indicate the same).I am living today as someone I had not yet become yesterday, and tonight I will borrow only pieces of who I was today to carry with me to tomorrow. No, I’m not straight, and I’m sure as hell not bisexual, damn it! Yes, I like boys who like boys; I like girls who wear toys and girls who don’t; girls who don’t call themselves girls; crew cuts or curls and that really bad hair phase in between.I am whatever I am when I am it, loving whoever you are when the stars shine and whoever you’ll be when the sun rises. I like steam rising from the body of a one-night stand; I like holding hands for three months before kissing; I like wishing your body was Saturn, my body thousand rings wrapped around you.From what I could tell neither of those categories fit me, but believe me, I knew from a very young age never to say “Hey dad, this Adam or Eve thing isn’t working for me; I mean, what about all the kinds of people in between? No, I’m not straight, and I’m sure as hell not bisexual, damn it!” When I was a kid I would sometimes secretly call myself Andrew.In 1977, Gibson first introduced the serialization methodthat is in practice today.This updated system utilizes an impressed eightdigit numbering scheme that covers both serializing and dating functions.The dating of vintage Gibson banjos has long been a subject of debate and contention. Rather than true serial numbers, most prewar Gibson banjos were marked with factory order numbers which were solely intended for in-house use during production and assembly; attempts to date Gibson banjos based on these numbers represent a significant challenge Since the debut of this site in 1998 I had listed the banjos in numerical order by factory order number or serial number, which I now understand does not reflect the instruments' true chronology. Martin and Company, Gibson's prewar and wartime numbering system is extremely convoluted and often counterintuitive.


  1. Is your Gibson's history a mystery? Find the manufacture date by cross-referencing the serial number with other features.

  2. Dating of Vintage Gibson Banjos The dating of vintage Gibson banjos has long been a subject of debate and contention. In contrast to other makers such as C. F. Martin.

  3. Dating Gibson guitars without serial numbers. Seeing as the Gibson serial numbers can be ambiguous, and that guitar serial numbers are sometimes removed.

  4. Gibson Serial Number Identifier for. Mandolins etc. Finding the year your Gibson was. Guitar Attic will not be held responsible for errors in dating records.

  5. Gibson Factory Mandolins 1900-1950 Showing All Records 4049 instruments match your search. Here's a great example of Gibson's early mandolin production.

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