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A participant explained: “You’re spending from -7 a.m.until at least 5-6 p.m.; 12 hours a day with these people learning [about] their lives.” Another person described: “That’s who you spend your time with [so] that’s the person you’re going to share the more intimate details of your life.” 2.A spokesman for Vanquis said: ‘Whilst being unemployed does not automatically preclude someone from being accepted for credit, in most cases it would make it less likely that they will be accepted.’Fiona Hoyle, of the Finance and Leasing Association, said: ‘Each lender will have their own specific way of checking their customers’ credit worthiness, and this is taken very seriously because, ultimately, it is not in their interest to provide credit to anyone who cannot make the repayments.’Yorkshire Bank said it reviewed a customer’s employment situation, income, existing debts, credit rating and other commitments such as rent and bills when considering an application.Five years ago, 82 credit cards demanded applicants earn at least £10,000 a year.

They are building debt because they can see no way out of their situation – with house building at a trickle and mortgage approvals by high street banks continuing to drop.

Teaching primary school children about personal finance might help, but we need far stricter controls on credit.

Banks are helping fuel a dangerous debt binge by offering credit cards to families with little or no income.

Continue to follow this blog for future entries about deception, online dating, using affection to lie, workplace romance, and other issues that make obtaining and retaining a mate oh so interesting.

It seems like everyone has a cautionary tale of a relationship in a workplace that went terribly, terribly wrong.


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