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Ed westwick is dating 2016

They adore going to cafes, restaurant and various events together.What is more, they look like they are having a time of their life.

Meanwhile, Szohr, who was snacking on some watermelon, looked hipster-chic in a ripped dark gray shirt with boyfriend jeans, a straw hat and large Louis Vuitton handbag. News that the duo was eating sandwiches together at Jersey Mike's in West Hollywood on Friday.And since there is no more gossip girl who would spread exclusive news, fans themselves are trying to find new rumours about they favourite stars.And since Ed Westwick was one of the major stars of the series, rumours about a new Ed Westwick girlfriend are spreading with the speed of light.Isn‘t it romantic to fall in love with someone from the other side of the barricade?Recently they caught attention of the paparazzi again. The only thing can be said: a new/old Ed Westwick girlfriend is back into his life again.She's really chasing him." But a pal of Ed's says he's not budging ... Ed Westwick's girlfriend is standing by her man after the Gossip Girl actor was accused of rape by actress Kristina Cohen. Westwick vehemently denies all allegations, tweeting that he didn't even know who Cohen was. I have never forced myself in any manner, on any woman."Ed discovered that not only was Jessica seeing a close friend of his - he was told about it personally, by the guy - but that she was also seeing a few other men," says a source, who claims that Westwick cut off all communication with Szohr last week.The 25-year-old Szohr apparently wasn't just gallivanting around NYC and L. while Ed, who's 22, filmed the upcoming "Chalet Girl" in Germany."He thought they were the perfect couple." So is this the end of Chuck and Vanessa, er, we mean Ed and Jessica? "Jessica is hoping she can convince Ed to get back together before people find out the full story," says the source."She keeps denying the rumors that they broke up, because she doesn't even want to believe it's true.


  1. Ed Westwick has officially checked into Heartbreak Hotel We hear the "Gossip Girl" guy is devastated after learning that his former girlfriend.

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  3. Saoirse Ronan brightens up the 2016 BAFTA Los Angeles Awards Season Tea. Ed Westwick made his DJ debut with his. Ed almost missed his DJ debut.

  4. Either Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr decided to get back together or they're just playing nice. The on-again, off-again couple, who was currently broken up as far as their relationship status was concerned, was spotted grocery shopping together at a Whole Foods market in West Hollywood on Sunday.

  5. The BBC has pulled a drama series starring Ed Westwick from its. BBC pulls Ed Westwick drama series after rape allegations. who was dating his.

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