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Egypt dating customs

The Festival of Opet Centered in Thebes, this boisterous festival, known as the Beautiful Feast of the Opet, held in the second civil month and was set according to a lunar calendar.

It was perhaps not as old a celebration as some of the other feasts, though during the New Kingdom particularly, the celebration of Opet was predominate.

Hence, we can add up the total amount of grain that was needed for the subsistence of a cult, at least for the major ceremonies.

Religious or political, festivals allowed both rich and poor to put away their cares for a day or two, and sometimes longer, to celebrate the best of ancient Egypt.They either took place on a specific date, or were spread out through a number of days.Such festivals are typically called "annual festivals" by scholars.Particularly for major events, the economic support of the king was required.Much of our knowledge about this function of festivals is found at Medinet Habu, which presents remarkable details, such as the exact number of bread loaves, cakes, beer containers, meat, fowl, incense, cultic charcoal and such, which is listed beside each event.This event was connected with the mortuary rituals of ancient Egypt and was celebrated by private individuals outside of official religious circles as well as within the precincts of the major temples in Egypt.Our first evidence of this celebration is from the 4th Dynasty, making it one of the oldest in ancient Egypt.From extant data we can reconstruct a cultic calendar for the major deities of Egypt, such as Amun at Thebes, Hathor of Dendera, Horus of Edfu and others.Frequently, inscribed on the walls of such temples are detailed lists of feasts, all presented in a systematic manner.For the ancient Egyptians, this was not only the first day of the year, but also the time when rejuvenation and rebirth ideally took place.Feast of Wagy Seventeen days after New Year's day, there was also the more somber feast of Wagy, which eventually became associated with the festival of Thoth on the nineteenth day of the year.


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