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Fluoridating water ban

As of now (September 25), we expect that with the general elections held November of 2017 there will be an election on fluoridation, an election on Change of Government and an election on four City Council persons. Box 2418Sequim, WA 98382 Mike [email protected] WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU, PARTICULARLY IF YOU FEEL YOU HAVE BEEN INJURED BY FLUORIDAT ION OF YOUR DRINKING WATER. We have the facts, the other side has the money.: In accordance with Title 17 U. C., section 107, some material on this web site is provided without permission from the copyright owner, only for purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship and research under the "fair use" provisions of federal copyright laws.

The City Attorney has not yet prepared ballot titles . We are facing a major election in 2017 on fluoridation, on change of government and on P. These materials may not be distributed further, except for "fair use" non-profit educational purposes, without permission of the copyright owner.

In both Surveys, there was a higher percent of 3rd graders with cavity-free teeth in the unfluoridated areas.

The percent of cavity-free 3rd graders in those schools is increasing over time independent of fluoridation, consistent with world-wide trends.

(For world-wide trends see The Data files for both Surveys were supplied to Protect the Peninsula’s Future by the Washington Department of Health and the Data Analysis Program EPI_INFO was supplied by the federal CDC.

The analysis and preparation of this page was done by Gerald Steel PE (Professional Engineer) for Protect the Peninsula’s Future, PO Box 1677, Sequim, WA 98382.

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City Council none-the-less voted 4 to 3 to continue fluoridation. A change of Government was a right citizens could exercise by petition and would cause election of an all new city council.The County Auditor declared the petition valid and sufficient on June first, 2016.Unrest of citizens continued; tempers flared and ethics complaints were filed aimed principally at a pro fluoride deputy mayor who gaveled down anti fluoride spokespersons.The Clallam County Health Department in cooperation with the State Department of Health and the Washington Dental Service Foundation conducted Smile Surveys in Clallam County in both 20.They counted numbers of 3rd graders having treated and those having untreated cavities.Water systems in a dozen New Hampshire cities and towns, including Concord, add fluoride.The chemical has been shown to reduce cavities and oral-health specialists support its inclusion in water supplies.Unpolluted incoming water free of fluoride more or less mixes with and gradually displaces this water. Promising citizens clean water in a few days is a mini- example of the careless statements we associate with fluoridation advocates.We got the city's attention by petitioning to change its form of government.It is going to be an unknown and probably very lengthy time before the clean water we knew ten years ago is fully restored.Unfortunately the city engineer stopped monitoring fluoride in water when the fluoride taps were turned off but issued assurances that water would be free of fluoride in a few days.


  1. Feb 15, 2017. Two attempts to curtail fluoridation of public water supplies have been shot down by a committee of the New Hampshire House. One bill, HB230, would have made it harder to file petitions seeking to add fluoride to water supplies. The other, HB585, would have changed state law to ban fluoridation outright;.

  2. Jan 25, 2018. The popularity of water fluoridation continues to plummet, with an entire country pulling the plug on the practice in one fell swoop in recent weeks. On July 29, 2013, the Supreme Court of Israel noted in its ruling on a 2012 petition the State's intention to cease compulsory fluoridation of public water supplies.

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