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Framemaker toc not updating

The only thing I found out is that the mini-TOC is an Inline Component (see: but that does not give me anything I can work with.

I can't offer any code of what I have besides var doc = app.

This hadn’t been an issue before as each book was maintained in isolation, so once conditions were the same across all files in the book, that was fine.

You can start numbering the front matter in a book using lowercase roman numerals (i, ii, iii, and so on), for example, and then switch to arabic numbers (1, 2, 3, and so on) for the rest of the book.I'm currently trying to automate a process using Framemaker's built-in scripting editor.This process involves refreshing the mini-TOC, but I can't find a method for doing that.A generated file is a file Frame Maker populates by extracting paragraph text or marker text from one or more source documents.A TOC is a list of chapter title and heading paragraphs; an index is an alphabetized list of text stored in index markers.In anticipation of merging/reusing further content, we decided to spend some time standardising the condition settings across the full doc set. When it came to updating the books, the Show/Hide Conditions dialog now showed all the old condition names plus all the new condition names, and there was a bit of confusion over why they were all still appearing. We couldn’t find it on Body pages, so started trawling Reference pages and Master pages to no avail.We agreed a common naming and formatting scheme for the conditions and updated all content files to use the new conditions. If we were going to be stuck with all the conditions being listed, how would we remember which ones were current so that our Show/Hide conditions were guaranteed to be correct?Paragraph numbering, such as the autonumbering used for figure captions or table numbering, can be started or reset in the book file.Settings in the book file override settings in individual files.The ability to group files into a book is one of Frame Maker's most powerful features.This book, for example, has a file for each chapter and appendix, in addition to files for the preface, TOC, glossary, and index.


  1. Generated List. TOC. TOC. Table of Contents. Para. Collate. LOF. LOF. List of Figures. Para. Collate. LOT. LOT. List of Tables. Para. Collate. LOP. LOP. List of Paragraphs. Para. Collate. LOM. LOM. List of Markers. Markers. Collate. AML. AML. Alphabetical Marker List. Markers. Sort. APL. APL. Alphabetical Paragraph List.

  2. Aug 27, 2013. If the Update Table of Contents option is not available, this means that major changes in pagination were made to your Book or InDesign document and you. Unlike FrameMaker, InDesign will not inform the writer of numbering errors. Like tip #4 this does not affect TOC functionality in the resulting PDF.

  3. Oct 11, 2013. by Barb Binder I received the following question from one of my Adobe FrameMaker students I am making a table of contents TOC for my book. When I create the TOC, everything looks fine except I lose the Chapter numbers.

  4. Nov 14, 2011. This FrameMaker tutorial shows how to make a table of contents, add hypertext links, and more. Watch more at

  5. May 9, 2003. When you add a TOC or an index to the book, you add a placeholder filename, which contains some information about the file itself. But these generated files are not populated until you update the book. To add a TOC to a book and set it up In the book window, select a file next to where you want to add the.

  6. Apr 4, 2011. Well – no. When it came to updating the books, the Show/Hide Conditions dialog now showed all the old condition names plus all the new condition. Copy the name of the old TOC now a static file in the new book, delete the static file from the book but not the disk, and rename the generated TOC file to.

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