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Corns are often seen over hammer toes and where shoes press on the little toe, but they can occur on the sole of the foot just below the toes.Look closely at the verruca, using a mirror and a magnifying glass if possible.There is lots of papillomavirus around, and many people carry it on the surface of their skin.It does not cause any harm unless it penetrates into the skin, where it can take hold and cause a wart.Do not try to treat it yourself if you have diabetes, or if you already have a skin problem such as eczema. If it becomes painful, stop the treatment for a few days. They are discs soaked in salicylic acid that you stick over the verruca and change every day.

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This is most likely to happen if the surface of your skin is already damaged, with tiny cracks.

Most people believe that verrucas are caught in the changing rooms of swimming pools and the pool surrounds, but only one scientific study has shown that people who use swimming pools regularly are more likely to get verrucas. There is probably plenty of papillomavirus around swimming pools, particularly in the shower area.

Corns and calluses have normal skin lines (like the lines used in fingerprints) over them, but the surface of a verruca is slightly lumpy without lines.

If you are not sure, see a chiropodist or ask your doctor. Decide whether you should treat the verruca yourself, or whether you should see a chiropodist. Repeat this treatment every evening until the verruca disappears, which may take 12 weeks.


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