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He still attends mosque, but he is also seen donning mascara and blush to visit gay clubs in Istanbul.

The film opens with a declaration by Muhsin Hendricks, the son and grandson of noted Cape Town imams, on South African national radio: “I am Muslim. And I’m gay.” Hendricks had agreed to an arranged marriage and fathered three children, but his wife left him when she learned the truth about his sexuality.

I was marching in a gay-pride parade in Washington five or six years ago.

Naveed Merchant, years after his suicide attempt, sees his own identity crisis reflected in Mateen’s life. He came to the United States in 2000, but still faces discrimination.

I live in the UK but I don't think that would stop my dad and brothers from probably severely hurting me because most Muslims are very intolerant of homosexuals and my family have always shown pure hatred for homosexuals and even wished death upon them when they see them on the news.

“But the struggle was not over just because I told them I was gay,” he recalled, two decades later. The sense that Muslims are terrorists—that framing—can also be found in the L. Homosexuality among Muslims themselves, however, has “a cultural stigma,” Abdullah said.

“I believed that I brought enormous shame on my family and that I’d never amount to anything—and so I should just die. “Few are willing to talk publicly.” The imam, who has been out for forty-five years, said he knows of only eight Muslim clerics around the world who are openly gay.

It was on the hajj that Sharma finally found absolution—as a gay man, as a gay Muslim, and even over his feelings of guilt about his mother’s death. “It was being in Mecca, in sleepless night after night, and contemplating the Kaaba,” the center of Islam’s holiest mosque. It was no longer a question of whether Islam would embrace me.”With limited support from the Muslim and L.

I'm a gay muslim and very proud, I never want to feel like I have to hide my sexuality but its very difficult because of my family, who are all practising muslims.


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