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Right now I have a Garmin and am considering purchasing a Tom Tom (with both US and Europe maps) for the next trip.Last trip the Garmin started me going north when I wanted to go south (which was probably me inputting the destination wrong, one letter can change everything) but also wanted me to go the wrong way down a one way street and refused to calculate another option (kept taking me back to the same one way street, yes it was freshly updated). You have to go into system tools to test a toll vs. Tom Tom asks if you want to avoid tolls for each route calculation.If you get the DVD update (either free or by purchasing it), it will include all of North America and you will be prompted which map set you want to load. Install Canada/Alaska to the unit and the lower 48 to the SD card. The reason for this is, it leaves more space on the unit for POIs, updates etc.

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A note on adding maps to an existing gps unit, check the Garmin website(or call them) to make sure your model can take the added maps and that it has enough room on it. The unit I purchased doesnt have alot of the newer roads on it. I checked for updates through the USB port into the unit but none were available. The only thing I seen was something about unlocking maps. Chas First off, what version of City Navigator is installed now? If you do buy the USD update, you will need a 1GB SD to install the full update. You will likely be told that the unit isn't eligible because the full North American maps won't fit on the unit, which is true. Either way, if you get the update to the maps, be aware that the full update on the c330. The map update installs directly to the unit and not to the SD card. I recently obtained a 2nd job and purchased a Garmin c330 to help me in travelling. I loked on their site and it doesnt really explain to me too well. However, if you purchased your unit after May 1, 2007, call Garmin and request a free update. You can get the update for less than at Provantage.We have, however, found a work around by pairing our watches to our phones.That's a pain though, so thought I'd raise the issue here to see if tomtom can resolve the issue.Then you don't have to worry about whether your GPS will work, etc.You would have to pay the round trip shipping costs of around .And when I added an outboard memory card, speed of screen-painting and Recalculation suffered.I'm still a Garmin buyer, but you should go into this with your eyes open. Right now they are offering free GPSs with rentals in western Europe.On the other side, if you don't plug it in except one month a year, the battery life may suffer anyway, due to complete discharge when in a drawer.To be more specific, most Garmins I've had have eventually received map updates that were too big for the internal memory.


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