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Ady Barkan, 33, approached the Republican lawmaker during his flight home from Washington D. - where the ill Barkan had spent days protesting the bill.

This begs the question of whether all buildings openly used by former fugitives in their everyday, post-slavery lives (workplaces? If those who were present at the time left no record of a site that has been uncovered after 150 years of research, we must ask: how can the average living layperson "know" that a previously undocumented site was on the Underground Railroad?I urge others to document sites outside of the city limits of Buffalo.An important reminder to teachers, students, historians, webmasters, bloggers, authors, journalists, etc.Unfortunately, we suffer from a supply and demand problem.Demand for Type A Underground Railroad hiding places exceeds the supply, which inevitably results in spurious attributions.The politician, who is serving as junior alongside senior Sen.John Mc Cain, had previously declared his support for the bill.These claims are never attributed to eyewitnesses, such as "My great-grandma owned that property and she told my mom who told me."Certainly, oral legend may be all that survives from people who couldn't read and write.If so, how come there are no surviving legends that match the addresses found (below) in period sources?It appears that there just weren't many hiding places here. Examples include: Keep in mind that New York State abolished slavery in 1827, which resulted an environment of relative freedom and safety.In 1843, Buffalo hosted the National Negro Convention.


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