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It was inhabited until the 1960’s when the state acquired the last piece of land as part of the Bear Mountain State Park.

Last residents probably in the late 1940’s early 1950’s. BB, Jul 02, 2004 SEE Tahawus (BELOW) GBSDoodletown in Rockland County NY was a town established prior to the American Revolution along the Hudson Valley.

If you follow Model City Road down the picture it’s not far from Indian Hill Road and the building you see on the right is a gas station on reservation land.

This class E recent semi-ghost town was a great resort town through the 1940’s.

The army had also used the site to dispose of waste from chemical weapons projects in the decades before.

I like nice men, cheerful, good conversationalists, with a delicate sense of humor, ..Enhanced recovery is a safe perioperative management strategy for patients undergoing surgery for gynecologic malignancies, reduces length of stay and cost, and is considered standard of care at a growing number of institutions.Our specialty would benefit from a formalized ERP such as ERAS which audits compliance to protocol care elements to optimize patient outcomes and value.I'm here to find a lovely man to share the best of life.I'm a kind sweet character woman, feminine, I know how to make people feel happy and in Peace around me, love to create nice charming atmosphere with simple thin..EPA tests confirmed chromosome damage in residents of love canal. All that remains of the west side is streets and the homes have been demolished.There are a handful of homes still standing on the east side.The toxic area has been closed off and today some new development is taking place near the fence that separates the deadly zone from a less contaminated area.The new area has been renamed Black Creek Village, I’m assuming developers figured the stigma attached to the name Love Canal would keep people from moving in.Much of the ground in the area has collapsed, and exploration may be dangerous. This small iron mining camp was located in the center of Palisades Interstate Park, northwest of the SH 210/Seven Lakes Parkway interchange, east of I-87. This is part of an old legend from a book I read as a child. ” (I responded but never heard back – GBS) AND “How did you hear about “Knotlimb” ? Perhaps we can help each other out on this one.” (I never heard back from them either – GBS) My interest is picqued. It was a huge media event, as President Carter declared a federal emergency at Love Canal. Over the course of 20 years from the late 50’s to 1978 people had been complaining of noxious odors and strange substances seeping through the ground in Love Canal.It supported the Hogencamp Iron Mine, which was in operation from 1861-1885. Between the west bank of the Hudson River and the River Hills. During 20 I rec’d a couple E-mails from folks about this town. Does anyone out there know anything about Knotlimb? It was during this time that Children in Love Canal were becoming very sick and many residents were falling victim to cancer in alarmingly high numbers. An investigation in 1978 had shown that although it was not secret, many if not all of the residents of Love Canal were unaware that their neighborhood had been constructed on a toxic waste dump which has been active up until about 5 years before the first homes and school was built on the land.


  1. Objective. Many commonplace perioperative practices are lacking in scientific evidence and may interfere with the goal of optimizing patient recovery.

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