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Hiking you free sex chat

She pulls on your arms, dragging you upward, and then reaches for your cock.You are already hard, you can't believe that this is actually happening, you have wanted to do something like this but have never told her.She is wearing a g-string in the softest shade of beige; it almost blends perfectly with her skin.You move it out of the way and begin to kiss her stomach, licking the pierced navel, and rolling the bar with your tongue.The path opens onto a flat area behind a bench and on the opposite side you can see the bathrooms are just a little ways from the trail.You take your pack over to the clearing, trees mostly obscure it, but you can see the trail from here and the bench.You guys chat happily as you drive to the base of the hill.

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She is about a D cup and her breasts are firm from all the working out that she does.Because the bathrooms are on the other side of the trail you figure that you will have some privacy here so you can relax.You spread the picnic blanket and retrieve a bottle of water from your pack.In your mind you are thinking what a perfect day it would be to have her on the picnic blanket....The weather is perfect and the sun would glisten off that fabulous body.You look up and see some hikers passing by, not interested in them and seeing that they are not stopping you continue your exploration of your girl.She is tugging at your waistband and loosening your shorts as you peel hers down over her hips and expose her flesh to the summer air.You gently nip at the area where her nipples are and watch them harden in response.She is moving her hands along your body too; she gently cups your hardening cock through your hiking shorts.She is wearing a cropped tank that hugs her breasts and leaves her mid-drift bare.Her belly button has a bar running through the pierced area today. Her hair is pulled into a single ponytail that falls down the center of her back and she is smiling at you as she gets in the car.


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