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Hot wife dating

My Wife’s First Date---2008 In 2007 my wife and I experienced our first *********.We actually ended up with 4 ********** with our friend Rob. She ended up working at the Spokane Airport on a swing shift and my job had me...We had already enjoyed several MFM and both of us loved other men ******* her.I particularly enjoyed watching her respond with total abandon and passion to their embraces.I can accept that open relationships can work for some couples, but I just lose all respect for the husband/boyfriend and most respect (with some pity) for the woman in an unequal situation if he plays or she plays and the other doesn't. Well Judy just pulled out of the driveway, headed to meet a couple from craigslist! We have been in this kind of relationship for 4 years now, and we have been very happy since we started it, met a lot of people and have a lot of fun. After dating 3 years, she finally was up for going out with other guys.I had seen a posting, from a Wife who was looking for the perfect birth-day gift, for her husband! After many years of seeing my girlfriend always getting pretty and going out, I wanted her to take things to another...At first her job was just cleaning up but one day her boss (a woman) asked her if she wanted to do some rubdowns.

Last night at 3am her phone gave a buzz I was surprise since it is always on vibrate. Hi, tonight my gorgeous wife just left for her Christmas party. She asked if I minded her going alone since she has desire to get ****** by her new supervisor, She put on a sexy skin tight red dress she ordered from Victoria's Secret...

I was very surprised to come home from work last night and see how excited she was as she was getting ready to go to work. After being in the hotwife lifestyle and letting her have intimate friends on the side for many years, she expressed the desire of wanting...

Sharon, she was working at a local spa that did massages.

Can't wait to here her story while I'm eating and ******* her sloppy *****.

Hi, last night was my gorgeous wife first night working with her new Supervisor. Well, it has been over two years since the (ex) g/f and I discussed a mutual interest which very shortly became a fact after the discussion.


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