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How to improve dating

Long before you say “hi” your body is speaking volumes, but what words are you using?Once you understand a little about what your body is telling others, you’ll also learn to listen to all those subtle signs that someone’s interested in you.Give your body and theirs a chance to talk before saying a word.Even outside of relationships, the fine art of body language has the potential to change your life.

According to Cuddy, practicing certain positions for just two minutes a day starts the transformation.Standing with feet wider apart and sometimes hands on the hips, allows you to take up more room. It shows happiness and encourages others to smile too.It’s a dominate pose that shows others you’re in charge. If you’re flirting, a genuine smile with eye contact is a clear indicator of interest.A few flirty signals you might see or use yourself include: Touching erogenous zones, especially the lips Many quick glances or prolonged eye contact Fidgeting (especially for shy people)Showing the front of the body“Accidental” touches Arms at side (crossed arms or placing an object in front of them isn’t a good sign)Standing taller Fussing with hair or clothing While some of these might not seem like flirting, they’re signs of interest.After all, when you see someone you’re attracted to, you want to look your best.After all, if you at least look good, stumbling over a few words might not seem as bad, right?The biggest problem with relationships (and all life experiences) is often times, it’s your body language that’s throwing everything off.You could have the courage to finally approach the person of your dreams or interview for the job you’ve always wanted.The more often you practice positive body language, the more you’ll change in a positive way.It’s a simple act, but mirroring a few small actions of another person helps to build an initial rapport, but just make sure you don’t mimic everything. Making eye contact – This signal could be a sign of respect, a challenge or attraction. Posture – If you’re an introvert, do you slouch often? Sitting or standing taller signals the exact opposite.Power pose – This is what Cuddy talks about in her TED talk.


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