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Internet dating and human trafficking

Additionally, in order to assess law enforcement needs in this area, all participants, regardless of whether or not they have investigated such a case will be asked as series of questions about law enforcement needs for investigating and combating child sex trafficking. Mitchell, Ph D Crimes against Children Research Center University of New Hampshire 10 West Edge Drive, Suite 106F Durham, NH 03824 Phone (603) 862-4533; Fax (603) 862-2899 Email: Kimberly.For example, we will ask all participants 1) their biggest concerns about the use of technology by child trafficking criminals, and 2) the resources, training, and technical assistance that they believe will be necessary over the next decade for investigating technology-involved trafficking cases. Lifetime assessment of poly-victimization in a national sample of children and youth. In this blog, I am specifically focusing on child trafficking in the US.

In other countries, it includes the sale of children into forced labor as well.Human trafficking is the modern-day form of slavery, and it is thriving.The modern trade in humans is as broad as illegal drug trafficking in its global reach.The Internet provides a way to advertise escort services and massage parlors to a wide audience.Adolescent girls may be marketed in such places alongside of adults.The sale of victims is occurring in virtually every country in the world.America is no exception, though most Americans are unaware that that child – and adult – trafficking is a major problem in every city and town in this country. This research will provide a map of how law enforcement understands the benefits and obstacles of technology in child sex trafficking.We will collect data via an online survey to gather information from knowledgeable law enforcement investigators about information they have learned from perpetrators and victims, as well as their impressions of the benefits and obstacles of the use of technology in these crimes.Sexual victimizations are serious crimes that harm a significant percentage of children and adolescents.A national study of youth (ages 2 to 17) revealed 2% had experienced sexual victimization in the past year and 5% in their lifetime 1.


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  3. On-Line Dating and Human Trafficking The trend of on-line dating can be a fun and convenient way to meet new people and potentially fall in love.

  4. Google says it’s spending “millions of dollars” to police AdWords ads to ensure they’re not contributing to human trafficking, but the head of a.

  5. The Role of Technology in Child Sex Trafficking. Much social activity is migrating to the Internet. Lantonero M. Human trafficking online The role.

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