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Intimidating comebacks

Jim Ross welcomes us to the event and hypes the card with Tony Schiavone.

Battle Bowl is explained, which is pretty convoluted and very TNA-esque.

Thankfully the finish came quickly after the heat, and the finish was very well done.

Overall, even though the match dragged, it was decent, but it could have been much more. Larry Zbyszko & El Gigante – Lethal Lottery Tag Match – Winners Qualify for Battle Bowl This match was mercifully short, but that doesn’t mean it was any good.

Larry by the end slaps him, and Gigante attacks Larry like an idiot, leading to their defeat.

I guess Gigante is noble for standing up to Larry, but this is a competition and Gigante should be focused on winning.

This match was about as good as watching paint dry, and I would have been more entertained by trying to gouge my own eyes out. Both Austin and Rude kept the heat segment dynamic, using a variety of heel-ish tactics, while Van Hammer was allowed to get some hope spots and have some back and forth.

After the hot tag, Josh made a very fun comeback, with both fire and comedy.

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Kazmaier, for example, looked very stiff and impactful with both his lariats and a great powerbomb midway through, but everything looked very safe.

He tried to punch Rude in the ribs, but since Rude had such a nice 6 pack, he just no sold it.

However, soon after that spot, the faces get an extended sequence on Austin, which was boring and contained a very long rest hold.

This show is not widely praised, but I don’t see it as widely hated as I expected. I’m just looking forward to Starrcade 1993’s main event and the great cruiserweight matches in my future. The show starts with a hideous video hyping the Lethal Lottery and the Battle Bowl.

I am annoyed, though, that after two years of god-awful tournaments they haven’t learned their lesson. The weird filter they put over all the wrestling footage was neon and disgusting.


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