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Intimidating uncle

Because Tommy is deaf, dumb and blind, he is unable to tell his parents what Ernie did to him.

Years later, as portrayed in the song "We're Not Gonna Take It", Tommy has apparently forgiven Ernie and hired him as his assistant in his new church.

The dream was therefore dealing with the dreamers phobias and his tendency to feel inferior to others for no reason.

Example dream : An exclusive college (Eton) which is intimidating symbolised the dreamers nervousness around new people.

This woman reminded her of her mother as she was tough and determined. In the dream this woman locks her away for just one day.

Surely this links to a thought like "I just need to lock myself away for one day without any distractions and so I can get on with my writing." Example dream : A dream which involved a man who the dreamer used to find very intimidating took place the day after the dreamer had wished to get on with her writing but had actually achieved nothing.

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  1. Intimidating meaning, definition, what is intimidating making you feel frightened or nervous. Learn more.

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