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The trio remained unchanged until 1880, when Drusilla began to desire a mate of her own.She then sired William, a romantic, heart-broken poet.Darla was born under a different name in the late 16th century in the British Isles.As a young prostitute, she immigrated to the Virginia Colony in North America and became independently wealthy, but also contracted a fatal case of syphilis.After being forced to slay his own daughter, Holtz swore revenge, and began a crusade to eliminate the two vampires that would last nearly an entire decade.By 1765, Darla and Angelus fled from Italy to France with Holtz hot on their heels.Holtz managed to trap the pair within a burning barn, at which point Darla hit Angelus with a shovel and escaped on the only horse left.

His actions incurred the wrath of the Kalderash Elders, however, and one of their women performed a curse to restore Angelus' human soul.The lovers decided to punish Holtz by luring him to an empty cottage, leaving behind the message "How do you hope to save others, when you can't save your own?" While Holtz was on this chase, Angelus and Darla raped and killed Holtz's wife, Darla sired his daughter, and they killed his infant son.Admiring him from afar, Darla lured Liam into an alley where she seduced him by offering to show him things he had never imagined.She sired Liam and chose to make him her mate, naming him Angelus, inspired by his sister's belief that he was an angel come back to her.The pair were in Rome when the relentless Holtz found them in 1771.Holtz managed to capture Angelus with the aid of a traditionalist Catholic sect known as Inquisitore, although with the aid of a group of local vampires, Darla saved her lover from Holtz's torture.By 1609, the prostitute was dying in her luxurious house.Because of her dislike of religion, she scoffed at a priest who came to her deathbed, despite having called for one the previous night in her delirium.Being told to choose between her sire and the pleasures Angelus offered her, Darla chose her lover and left with him.In 1764, Angelus and Darla were back in York, where they were hunted down by Daniel Holtz, a vampire hunter.


  1. Actress Julie Benz and Rich Orosco had cause to celebrate this weekend -- and it wasn't just because of Cinco de Mayo. The pair, who have been togeth.

  2. Dexter star Julie Benz is said to be playing a. Chin Ho Kelly's love interest; character reportedly studying the. him away from the dating.

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