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Kenyan dating rituals

While Kenya offers a magical destination in terms of wildlife and landscape, no visitor to Kenya leaves untouchzed by its people and their vibrant and varied culture.

The Kenyan culture has grown over the course of a long history, starting in fact from the known beginning of human time in ‘the cradle of humanity’, where the earliest known human remains being discovered in Kenya’s Rift Valley.

Long ago the sun married the moon but one day they fought and the moon struck the sun on the head. When they had finished fighting, the sun was so ashamed of his battered face that he became so dazzlingly bright that humans could not regard him without half closing their eyes.

The moon, however, was not in the least bit ashamed and anyone looking at her can clearly see that her mouth is cut and one of her eyes is missing.

Chances are she will think you're filthy rich. Don't tell her you're working here even if you're (Same case as no. She will think you're working for the UN etc earning a fortune. You better not be driving, even if you're hide it till later in the relationship when you've proven she is not after your money. Don't take her to those game park restaurants. You see, you're trying to show her that you are not rich. Even if you're family to the Kardhashians (haha kidding), don't mention it.

Just any famous celebs out there, don't mention it. If you're religious, on Sunday, ask her where you two can attend church service (The number of girls you will cut from this point will be incredible).

Many of Kenya’s indigenous religions center on those who can intercede with the spiritual realm.

Such people exist in many guises, from the so- called “witch doctor” or wizard (whose services are regularly called upon to deal with matters ranging from illness to curses), to soothsayers, diviners, and shamans.

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The Luo, for instance, believe in ancestral ghosts, other tribes that their ancestors reincarnate as children within the family.

Today there are around 42 different tribes in Kenya, with varying cultural identities and traditions that have, in some cases, become intertwined over time due to similarities in language and a sharing of the same environment.

Visitors to Kenya have the unique opportunity to spend days in the homes of various tribal villages, learning and participating in their daily lives, and even in some cases attending ceremonies.

Finally, the fact that ancestors are thought to bring unity to the family lineage, and a direct link with other lineages, goes some way to explain the phenomenon of the Kenyan funeral.

Many of these are huge events that last for days, cost fortunes, and hundreds of mourners attend.


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