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Less intimidating

Related: Watch Trump explain why he sent Comey tapes tweet and see if you understand.(We don’t) Trump’s latest comments came Friday when attempting to explain why he sent a tweet threatening that he had tapes of his conversations with fired FBI Director James Comey.Still, Trump has continued to comment and tweet incessantly.“If you’re his attorney, you’re pulling your hair out,” Zeidenberg said.“As a lawyer, I think this is just incredibly self-destructive.”In concert, Trump’s mountain of comments could suggest that he was fixated by the Russia investigation.For Trump, the threat of obstruction of justice is impeachment and that, ultimately, will be a political decision reliant, currently at least, on a Republican House and Senate.

A color expert who has worked in the area of psychology, she brings her passion for color psychology into her work with her clients, offering in-depth, authoritative advice on the effects and use of color for their appearance and image.

["Life," June 13, 1939] LITTLE Orphant Annie's come to our house to stay, An' wash the cups an' saucers up, an' brush the crumbs away, An' shoo the chickens off the porch, an' dust the hearth, an' sweep, An' make the fire, an' bake the bread, an' earn her board-an'-keep; An' all us other childern, when the supper-things is done, We set around the kitchen fire an' has the mostest fun A-list'nin' to the witch-tales 'at Annie tells about, An' the Gobble-uns 'at gits you Ef you Don't Watch Out!

September 18, 2007 Think about it…you are more formal towards the person in a dark navy outfit than to the one dressed in beige! The effect is subtle but very real; color sways perception, judgment and behavior.

He’s putting himself in all kinds of jeopardy for no good reason.”Yahoo!

News reported earlier this month that several top law firms had rejected the opportunity to represent Trump over fears that he would refuse their advice about not making public statements.


  1. His name is decidedly less intimidating than his infamous onscreen cousin, Jaws. —

  2. Influence With Color Psychology. September 18, 2007. Think about ityou are more formal towards the person in a dark navy outfit than to the one dressed in beige!

  3. President Donald Trump’s latest comments on Russia and James Comey could add fuel to an obstruction of justice investigation.

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  5. While it may not sound like it, having an intimidating personality can actually be a good thing. Here are 5 signs you may have an intimidating personality.

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