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Lina and mark cam live

Up to 18 frames per second sequential shooting with precision C-AF Tracking. Up to 5.5 shutter speed steps of compensation with powerful in-body image stabilization. It’s all enclosed in a magnesium alloy weatherproof body that weighs a mere 1.27 lbs. Zuiko PRO lenses, the E-M1 Mark II will deliver brilliant imagery that’s coveted by professionals everywhere.

"Its blazing dual quad-core processors allow for 60 fps burst shooting (18 fps w/continuous autofocus) and ridiculously fast image playback.

Combine it with the Pro and Premium lenses and you have a terrific lightweight system for weddings and portraits.

It does fine in low light and now the F 1.2 Pro lenses make the extreme situations even easier to overcome.

I have been a working photographer for over forty years using Nikon cameras.

It belongs to spoon-bending Israeli oddball, Uri Geller.

He used to rent an outhouse to his friend, former England manager, Glenn Hoddle.

Combine that with one of the most advanced autofocus systems we've seen and 5-axis in-body image stabilization – along with what made the original so impressive – and the Mark II is a force to be reckoned with." - View the press release “Its sequential shooting performance exceeds that of single-lens reflex cameras, with the maximum fps at 18 in continuous AF/AE tracking and even 60 fps in single AF/AE on the silent sequential shooting mode.” View the Award Do you own this product? When you do, you’ll earn 10 Olympus Rewards Points! Please note that it may take up to 72 hours for your review to appear.

I recently worked a conference and as I weaved around tables photographing the keynote speakers, I doubt if anyone noticed I was taking pictures, so quiet was the E-M1 Mk II.


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