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We are a welcoming community that understands the trials and pitfalls of managing a mental illness.

Find friends or seek romantic relationships knowing that everyone on this site has some form of mental illness. Boy were they expensive and when I did get a date (didn't happen a lot) things got complicated when it came to disclosing my illness.

If you don't have that special thing from day one chances are you get older and realize what that empty spot really is. I hate not having someone to sit up with, chat to, laugh with & be intimate with.

Just when you get to that stage in you life when you can take a breath, you realize you feel empty. Someone who knows when I need some attention, when I need to offload & talk about my day. My marriage is purely a facade of few simple beautiful things. She is very caring and friendly with everyone and tends to thier needs.

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honest with myself and allow you to blame me for the failure of our marriage.... without even realizing it, I went down the same path as my father. This morning I made two attempts at a quickie while the kids were adequately occupied. Another day of emotions buried..feelings left in said and the frustration of uncertainty. Turn cold shoulder, I'm tried I'm sleepy oh my head hurt this and that. ....we dont know something, isnt it better so we crave it less.

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Over a period of time you can change his ways if you change yours. Just need someone to talk to maby a little flirting. I believe you have come to the right place for finding what you are looking for... It would be nice to make a connection with someone. post around a bit, get to kow people, and you will see before you know it you are making friends and having tons of fun!! Hi all, not sure how to get started so I'll spit it out I'm a 29 yr. old black female in a very controlling marriage and I'm not happy in the least. In the meantime, there are some amazing people on this site. Things have moved on and I feel like posting again. When I last posted I mentioned how my wife had gone from no sex, to no kissing and really no... and playful and I still look at her breasts and *** when she's near me. We've had talk after talk about how I need more physical affection and he claims he's crazy in love with me. Here I am lying in bed writing this and another night by myself. He's asleep in a single bed with our 9 year old daughter. Now that my baby is 17, we finally have time for us. (my husband goes more than me).showed up at our house looking for my husband... when your husband lives with chronic illness makes everything twice is hard, sleeping all the time in pain all the time. Things could be as simple as keeping her own nails clean or keeping the house clean. Is it even possible once we've drifted so far apart? Last weekend I cooked a special dinner...candles...trying to rekindle what we once had. I told him I had prepared a special dinner for him. So when he proposed, I said yes, even though I knew I wasn't ready. know my husband and I are like strangers in our home. We got married 1.5 years ago and the second we got back from our honeymoon all affection and intimacy stopped like a light switch. And she's gonna treat him like **** because he's gonna kiss her *** for giving him what he's built-up in his mind as the end-all, be-all of human existance. During this time, I totally devoted my life to being a loyal wife and a good mother. Sometimes we do petting but I feel like I married a teenager. Yesterday a female attractive bartender that works at a bar by our house that we go to. Due to her anxiety or whatever it is - she gets distracted and does not take care of things. I mean absolutely none left but managed to rekindle the fire with them? Has anyone done that successfully with their spouse? I was an insecure, scared child at the time, and all I knew was that I loved this fun-loving guy and I was comfortable and safe with him. Maybe it's those things that I miss the most and am seeking out.It would be nice to make a connection with someone. Hi all, not sure how to get started so I'll spit it out I'm a 29 yr. old black female in a very controlling marriage and I'm not happy in the least.


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