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"Sorry, but it's enough that I agreed to strip naked and it's enough that I'd have to be drunk for you to see me naked," she looked at him and smiled.

"I couldn't get drunk enough for you to see my naked body in bright lights.

Something that he could agree to, he couldn't believe that was her one and only condition.

"It would be less embarrassing for me, if both of us were naked," she said glancing down at the bulge his cock made in his jeans. If he'd get to see his mother without her clothes, then she should see him naked, too.

By all measures, unwrapping his mother of her clothes, her naked body just may be the best gift that she's ever given him.

As excited over the arrival of Santa Claus, he was even more excited by the anticipation of his mother showing him her tits, her ass, and her pussy.

Maybe she knew he hid his book of stories beneath his mattress.

Chapter 11 - Agreeing to Strip Naked "So, how do we go about me striping naked for you?

" She looked at him and he couldn't tell if she was nervous or excited.

Naked, naked, naked, he couldn't believe he was going to see his mother naked.

Naked, naked, naked, he couldn't wait to see his mother naked.


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